This week has been so busy. I am sorry I have not posted as much as usual.School, work , working out, and a very limited social life have resulting in a very limited amount of time; however I got my monthly Nerd Block this week. I also have subscribed to another subscription based swag box, called Loot Crate. Loot Crate is very similar to Nerd Block. You receive a few nerdy toys and gifts, for around twenty dollars. The big difference between the two is Loot Crate has a overall theme each month and each time it will concide with it. Here is what I got this month from each.


Nerd Block-photo 4 (3)

photo 1 (5)

Japanese Batman.

Japanese Batman.

I got a funko of General Akbar, a Catching Fire mini, a TMNT squish thing, My Little Pony mystery mini, and a sweet  Japanese batman shirt.

Loot Crate-

Loot Crate

   Loot Cratephoto (7)

This Crate was space themed. It had a Star Trek Sticker, a Man of Steel Funko, a Star Wars travel guide with phrases and lingo.

Over all I liked the Nerd Block better, Mostly because of the custom shirt. Both are great tho and i will continue to get both.





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  1. SarahClare says:

    My Little Pony!!! Lololol. That’s awesome!

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