Hi readers and constant followers.This is a bit of a different post than normal. My blog normally is more of a review blog ; but I  will be start posting a few more traditional blog posts. last year was a year of new things. I decided to do a lot of new things. I went to college and I Have put much consideration into joining the military. Which branch is unknown at this point. I have been thinking Army, Guard, or Marines.

  Last year I started losing weight for this goal. I realized i was fat and out of shape, no way was i getting into the military with my high weight an lazy lifestyle.I ended up enrolling into a local community college. My goals were not met just yet. I needed to lose some of my pounds.I adopted a new lifestyle that included exercise and a new diet. I cut most if not all carbs and sugars out of my daily food intake.

With this new lifestyle of healthy eating and working out. I started seeing a real difference in myself and my attitude towards life. By the end of the year,I have lost near 50 pounds. i have also enrolled in college and finished my first semester. I stared the year at two hundred and fifteen pounds. At this moment i am around one hundred and sixty eight pounds.

With my weight goal not met yet, i still have some work to do. My new goal for twenty fourteen is to weigh one fifty five. With this weight I should have a better shot at basic training with my main goal being the military later this year(at least for now). I will keep my weight up to date on here and post about my journey into training and possibly joining a branch of our country’s military.


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  1. Best regards on losing weight. And best wishes during your period of service. Be safe, as much as you can be.

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