This volume of the popular post apocalyptic manga was much slower than the previous two comics.

Attack on titan 3

Attack on titan 3

This is the third review I have done now, for Attack on Titan. Here are the first two if you have not  seen or read it yet.In the previous novels we met our core group of heroes , learned of the Titans, and seen what is left.

We see the fate of Eren the main protagonist, of the story who was eaten and killed in the second volume. We find out that it is Eren,who was the mysterious rogue titan who was killing the other titans and saved Mikasa.Eren has no recollection of being this titan and can not remember anything about the attack. He thinks it all was a dream.

Everyone finds out that he is a titan. He instantly becomes an outcast among his fellow man and soldiers. They all accuse him of being a titan and want to kill him. He is put on the spot to transform. Mikasa, Armen, and Eren are all about to be killed by cannons when Eren Transforms into a giant titan and saves them from an onslaught of cannon fire.

Eren saving Mikasa and Armen

The head commander  for the southern territories comes out and takes over control. He asks for Erens help. He wants Eren to assume the form of the giant titan and lift the giant boulder to plug up the hole in the wall.The end of the book is where most of the action takes place. Eren transforms and all hell breaks loose. There are titans everywhere and i will not ruin the ending but it ends on a cliff hanger.

I enjoyed this volume of Attack on Titan. It was not as good though as the last two books. Most of the action takes place at the end of the chapter. It always seems to have a cliffhanger in these books, but that is just an excuse to get the next volume and read what happens to our heroes.

Look for my review of Attack on Titan Volume four very soon!

Attack on Titan volume 4


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  1. SarahClare says:

    I finally got to read vol 1! Yay! Got my thoughts on it scheduled for next week, I think.

    I really love the artwork in this series. It’s got such clean cut lines and that’s what makes me stick with a manga series above everything.


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