I just discovered Attack on Titan and i can not get enough of it. I read the first book in one sitting ,and I have done the same for volume two. Attack on Titan Volume Two was awesome! It had everything from the first volume, plus so much more.

attack on titan v 2 book

We start out with the wall defense trying to kill assaulting titans with cannon fire, from atop the walls. The novel quickly switches to Armin, the last surviving member of his survey group, and he is frantic. The soldiers from the other survey groups are berating him with questions about his squad and what happened to Eren. With his whole squad killed by titan attacks, and Armin is so upset about Eren’s death he can barely tell Eren’s sister, fellow survey group member and top of their class, Mikasa.

Armin Scared

Armin Scared

She takes the news hard but quickly regains her composure, and we see a major part of the book relate to her backstory. This is how we learn how she ended up being adopted by the Yeager familyNot thinking clearly, from the news of her brother’s death, Mikasa flies into battle with very limited gasoline in her three dimensional fighting gear.This results are that she takes down a few titans single handedly while running out of gas right in front of a towering titan about to attack.She thinks back to how she met Eren and she summons the strength to fight back even without the use of her gear. All of a sudden a mammoth titan of fifty meters busts onto the scene and completely destroys the titan attacking Mikasa, saving her life.The rogue titan starts laying waste to the every titan in sight. With this unknown and intelligent titan on their side it seems, the survey group can make it to the supplies and get more gas and blades. The survey group decides to save the titan from attacks from the other titans, since he does not seem to regenerate like the rest of them. The story ends with a twist that fans of the book will surely love.

Falcon Punch lol

Falcon Punch lol

             I loved this volume of Attack on Titan;I liked how we get the back story about Mikasa, one of the most intriguing characters in the whole book. We know little of her origin and how she becomes the cerebral soldier she is today. This volume is full of action and fighting, which seems to be a huge draw of the series already. The art has still got my eye, and I really enjoy the small facts and illustrations about the weapons, titans, and even the construction of the walls. I recommend this book, and if you haven’t read the first book, here is my review of the first volume.  https://booksdragonsanddietcoke.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/attack-on-titan-volume-one/

I can not wait to review volume three-

Attack on titan 3

Attack on titan 3


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