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I have recently dove back into an old interest of mine, anime and manga. They are both much older hobbies that I used to enjoy, and still do on occasion. This New Years, I have been on what only could be called an obsession, very much into all things Japanese. I have picked up a couple of manga to read since all manga is is Japanese comic books. One of the new comics I bought is Attack on Titan, written and illustrated by Hajima Isayama. Attack on Titan is a post-apocalyptic take on Earth two thousand years from present day.Earth has been completely overrun by titans, which is a giant species of monster. These titans have no known origin, and no one knows where they came from or why they are here. The manga gives a brief backstory detailing how one hundred years ago the titans popped up and have been here ever since. These monsters destroy everything in their path and eat every human who crosses paths with them. To combat the ever pending threat that is an attack from the monstrosities, the last survivors of humanity have built walls around the city to protect the survivors. Multiple branches of military exist to help fight. The branch, with the most combat readiness, is the survey crops. They use a device called vertical maneuvering equipment; these devices allow the humans to navigate in three dimensional space freely. This is how the survivors defeat the titans. As their only weakness is to make a large incision on the backs of the titan’s necks, they are impervious to most attacks and have a healing factor.

Wall names,Three brances of military, and the three main characters.

Scale of Titans to humans

The first volume of Attack on Titan picks up with an attack on a city near the outer wall. We are introduced to the main characters; Eren Yeagerand, his adoptive sister Mikasa Akerman, and their friend Armin Arlert. The attack is lead by an unknown colossus titan over sixty meters tall and an intelligent titan. The destruction leaves many fatalities and much damage, but none greater than the death of Eren’s mother. This results in him swearing his allegiance to the military one day, joining the survey corps, and to get revenge for his mother’s untimely death. The book gives amazing details into the world. Maps ,weapon designs, and brief explanations into military tactics are all listed in small notes. My favorite thing about the manga is the art. It is phenomenal! At times, it looks like a show on television; the style is unheralded. The shading and lettering is also nice. The use of creative fonts and typefaces keeps the book fresh, fun, and exciting.

Eren yeager,Mikasa Akerson, and Armin arlert

The characters seem fun and likable with much emotion. My only complaint about the first book is lack of backstory. I expect this is all part of Volume One, as I am sure we will find the much wanted information later in the series. I look forward to the next volume of Attack on Titan, which I have already ordered, to arrive. I enjoyed how bleak and dystopian the society was and the feeling of helplessness that has become humanity. It has me cheering on the surviving humans in their darkest of hours and their ability to stand up to an almost unbeatable foe.

Eren Yeager VS The Colossus Titan.

Look for the next review of Attack on Titan- Volume Two.


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  1. SarahClare says:

    Ooooh! I haven’t read this yet, but every time I ask someone to recommend a new manga to me they say this one!

    • prontron says:

      You definitely should, it is so good! I have only read first three volumes. It has some awesome action and the art is top notch. Do you read a lot of manga or watch anime ?

      • SarahClare says:

        Both! Not as much as I used to… pesky studying gets in the way. I’m currently catching up with Bleach (anime) and Jiu Jiu (manga).

        The look of Attack on Titan reminds me a little of Samurai Deeper Kyo.

        I’m determined to crack Black Butler this year too. I LOVED the anime.

      • prontron says:

        Awesome! I have just started to get back into both. My favorites are samurai themed ones. I want to watch black butler too. Well if you check out my blog from time to time I will be doing reviews of anime and manga; also I do reviews of books and games.

      • SarahClare says:

        Cool beans 🙂

        Will do!

      • prontron says:

        I just got the complete ruruoni kenshin DVDs and attack on titan 4

      • SarahClare says:

        Awesome! I recently revisited my anime childhood by buying DBZ and One Piece. Heh heh.

      • prontron says:

        I love DBz, top 5 all time. I have never seen one piece but, I have heard great things.

  2. […]              I loved this volume of Attack on Titan;I liked how we get the back story about Mikasa, one of the most intriguing characters in the whole book. We know little of her origin and how she becomes the cerebral soldier she is today. This volume is full of action and fighting, which seems to be a huge draw of the series already. The art has still got my eye, and I really enjoy the small facts and illustrations about the weapons, titans, and even the construction of the walls. I recommend this book, and if you haven’t read the first book, here is my review of the first volume. […]

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