Click on picture to buy book from amazon

Click on picture to buy book from amazon

   I recently read Ender’s Game , a military Science fiction thriller, by Orson Scott Card.

I have had it on my shelf and backlog reading list for sometime now.I thought ,what the hell I am going to read it. Since the motion picture adaptation has come out in theaters recently it was perfect timing to finally read a epic book in the pantheon of science fiction royalty.

   Our story is is of young Andrew Wiggins, more commonly know of Ender . Ender is the youngest of three children, known as the third, since law restricts only having two children.Humanity has over populated and to help with this the government has severely restricted reproduction and allows a third child but with consequences. They allow the Wiggens to have a third with the agreement that he is in the program that is aimed at producing generals, in a last ditch effort, in the space conflict that is the war with the buggers. he has two other siblings Peter the older, brutal, and uncaring brother of ender. The polar opposite is Enders sister Valentine. She is everything Peter is not and very similar to her younger brother Ender Peter resents Ender ever since he was rejected for battle school.

    Ender endures countless encounters with school bullies after being rejected from battle school. He ends up harming one one the bullies after he gets into a fight with Ender.Little to his knowledge he ends the boys life and this was the final test to get into battle school. On his way into space to school he has to yet again fight a boy who is messing with him because of their jealousy of the commanders praise for Ender. He ends up flipping the boy in zero gravity over his shoulder and breaking the boys arm. Ender easily advances through battle school while graduating early, also earning his own team and being named commander of team Dragon, a defunct team that is known for its countless losses. Ender immediately takes the reigns of  the team by and never lets go. He leads them to a seven game winning streak in as many days; meanwhile back on earth Peter and Valentine are dabbling in politics under pseudonyms, hoping to change the world.

All four armys

All four armies

   There is much more to Enders game but, i wont spoil it for you. Go read it now ! It can be found for under eight dollars many places.I thought Enders Game was remarkable. Hitting multiple themes. It has action, religious controversy, politics and even has kids duking it out at zero g. what is better than kids beating each other up ?I enjoy the moral conflicts in Enders Game and the social commentary it presents. Enders Game should be on every fan of fictions shelf and in their to do list for 2014. With the DVD and Blu ray release scheduled for next february there is plenty of time to catch up on an amazing book.

Click to buy from amazon

Click to buy from amazon

   I gave Enders Game a ⅘, mostly for the ending, it was good but, there is so many other books that go along with the series.I think one could just read the first in the series and still can get the overall effect of the book series.

Enders game!


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