First and foremost i used this for a class last semester, so it is original and not at the same time ,hahah enjoy.


         The Man of Steel versus Batman is one of comic’s oldest battles that has been fought in comic shops and parents’ basements since 1939. Batman was created in 1939 by Bob Kane to combat the success of another blooming comic star named Superman. Superman was created in 1938 by the brothers Jerry and Joe Shuster. Both superheroes are characters in DC comics. Superman stands for hope and the American way; Batman is a representative of the darkness and uses fear to his advantage. Both Batman and Superman fight crime and protect against evil, but both differ in origins and background, powers and abilities, and the villains they face.


“Take that pretty boy” Batman says as he beats superman.


     The origin of Superman had significant impact on the crime fighters moral obligations and the way he fights and handles fighting crime.The Man of Tomorrow, or Kal-el, as he is known on his home planet of Krypton, is an alien not born of Earth. He is the last survivor of his planet which no longer exists. Krypton was destroyed, and to preserve his planets legacy and race, Superman’s father, Jor-el, sent him to Earth in a space pod. An orphan, Superman was found by the Kents, a couple from Smallville, Kansas.They raised the young boy as their own, naming him Clark, affording him a normal and loving childhood. After Clark learns of his powers and his alien nature, he feels hurt and alone. He left for Metropolis to find himself. Metropolis is where the hero we all know is made. Superman evolves the Clark Kent persona even further by getting a job at the local Daily Planet as a reporter.This job provides Clark the outlet he needs to hide his true identity, and that is where he met the love of his life, Lois Lane. The events that happened early in Superman’s life shaped his life and the Superman persona. “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound,” Superman has awe inspiring powers matched by none. He is powered by Earth’s yellow sun and is more powerful the more he is exposed . He has superhuman attributes including extreme speed, super strength, and flight. He can lift hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds times his weight and can fly faster than the speed of light, in some instances.Superman has many foes he has faced over the years. General Zod,The Robot Metallo, and none more dangerous than his arch nemesis Lex Luthor. Luther is a multi-billion dollar businessman, politician, and scientist. He will stop at nothing to kill Superman. Another enemy of Big Blue is Doomsday, an alien who did what no other being had done; he succeeded in killing superman. This happened in a battle that left them both dead as Superman sacrificed himself to save Metropolis and the world; it is one of Superman’s finest moments in all of comics. Brainiac is a supercomputer that took on a life of its own and is one of Superman’s more known villains. He has almost bested superman on many occasions but is always thwarted by the Man of Steel.


Superman, as seen in DC New 52

   Batman’s origins made him the hero he is today, good or bad, the decisions he makes are based on his view of the world from his brutal childhood. Bruce Wayne, the last first son of Gotham, is not unlike Superman in that they are both orphans from an early age. His parents were murdered on the harsh streets of Gotham by a thug robbing them of everything and leaving young Bruce forever scarred. That event shaped everything for him and ultimately leads to him becoming the Batman. Bruce Wayne differs from Superman in that the Batman is his alter ego, whereas Clark Kent is Superman’s secret identity. As a result of his parents murder, Bruce was raised from an early age by his butler Alfred and became distant from the world, vowing to get revenge on the man who killed his parents. Bruce travels the world in search of training. After a few years he traveled back to Gotham to find it in turmoil and overran with violence.The atmosphere in the cities where they live is another major difference between the two heroes, Metropolis being America’s best city and Gotham is a town consumed by corruption and greed. Seeing the city his parents built destroyed, Bruce takes up the mantle of  the bat to strike the same fear he has in the enemies he faces. Batman took up multiple allies in Robin, another orphaned child whose upbringing is similar to bruces, and he also befriends Commissioner Gordon who he works with to battle crime. Batman differs from Superman in that he uses fear and his unsettling background to mold a symbol to scare his enemies.In constrast to Superman, Batman has no super powers; he does have billions of dollars though, which afforded him the time and ability to obtain years of training in the world’s finest martial arts. He uses this training and an array of gadgets and equipment to fight crime. He has a genius level i.q. which he uses to build gadgets. Unlike Superman, he cannot fly or run fast, so he must use vehicles to get around Gotham, such as the famous Batmobile. He has mastered multiple martial arts from around the world, and he is a skilled close quarter combatant. He enlists the help of sidekicks to help him fight against crime such as Robin, Batgirl, and the Huntress. Both heroes fight crime, but they differ in the villains they face. Unlike Superman’s villains who are aliens and godlike monsters, Batman’s are mostly humans who have had tragic origins and have become freaks or monsters.He has a rogues gallery of enemies that range from local gang members to supervillains locked up in Arkham Asylum. Most of his enemies are insane and terrorize Gotham’s citizens through fear and pain. Some of his most recognizable foes are Two face, Bane and, the worst of them all, the Joker.Two-Face, a former friend and ally of the Batman, was district attorney Harvey Dent before he was hideously maimed and disfigured. He turned to a life of crime and leaves every choice in life up to the flip of a coin. Bane is Batman’s equal in almost every way. He is stronger than him, just as smart, and actually broke batman’s spine and spirit, leaving Gotham in madness. This forced Batman’s allies to take up the cowl. The Joker is the most insane of all of the Bats foes.He is one of his oldest foes and has no known superpowers. He wears clown makeup and has an unmistakable laugh and smile.He has murdered and hurt many over the years, including some of Batman’s closest friends and allies like Jason Todd, the second Robin and he shot Batgirl Barbara Gordon  in the spine paralyzing her for life. He is almost never without his trusty sidekick, Harley Quinn. 


As seen in Frank Millers The dark knight returns.

       Batman and Superman will always be tied to each other as long as comics are around. Who is better? Both are characters who have the courage and strength to stand up to the bullies and evil doers.  The Dark Knight is more relatable to us as readers in some instances as he is human, as opposed to Superman, who is alien and has no superpowers. The Man of Tomorrow, on the other hand, is relatable as well; being different while growing up is a problem most children and adults deal with.


You know what they say, no glove no love.



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  2. Well put, but I think Batman choked Sups to death w/kryptonite lined gloves once. It may have been in the Frank Miller era, but I am not sure.

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