Game of…uh South Park ?

With the mega success of of HBO’s Game Of Thrones and George RR Martin’s epic The Song Of Fire and Ice, Comedy central and South Park creators,Trey Parker and Matt Stone have seamlessly integrated their pop culture phenomenon with Game Of Thrones.It is what one can only call a modern day masterpiece.
Winter is coming. With winter in the towns midsts,Thanksgiving and black friday are on the horizon. Black friday brings the insane sales that come with every year and this year is no different everything is 80% off. With this year there is a new console war coming with Microsoft’s Xbox one and its competition Sony Playstation 4.The boys find out of this crazy sale and start planning and training for war and early entrance into the mall. On other fronts Randy , Stans dad, has accepted a part time security position at the mall, as a ruse to get the sales himself.His story arch parallels that of Jon Snow ,of Game of Thrones fame, and the great ice wall of the north.
We eventually see most of the main cast represented. Kenny as Princess Kenny as only one could guess as our mother of dragons, Khaleesi, Daenerys targaryen.George RR. Martin even has a part in this trilogy of episodes.The boys eventually have a conflict of interest between which system is better PS4, or Xbox One? Cartman ends up getting the support of Bill Gates and Kenny gets the Sony executives on his side of the fight. War is coming to South Park.
The show has countless references to the novel and the show it is parodying.My personal favorite has to be the reffernce of the infamous red wedding at none other of establishmensts than Red Robin. The best part of the episodes has to be the appearance of writer George RR. Martin showing his apparent obsession with penis in the books he writes and how long he takes to get anything done, an obvious jab at his last few novels.

This episode is great for more than just content. It is a great example of what South park use to be. I miss the epicness of what the show meant, it has become a far cry to its past. Trey Parker and Matt Stone Hit a home run with,yet another, pop culture mockery of monumental proportions. This episode arc will surely keep any fans of the Game of Thrones series busy untill season 4 is released. Always remember winter is coming.



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