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Nerdy Christmas

      With Christmas approaching, we all have the crazy days that come before and after. We all need a little time to relax and enjoy the time before all the relatives come and the burden of giving and receiving gifts take over the holiday. So for the past two to three years now, myself and my girlfriend and two or three friends have celebrated the 23rd of December as a holiday in its own right. December twenty third is to us and will always be Christmas Threeive. What is this so called holiday? Well it is simply a day to take in everything, relax, drink(a lot ), and enjoy friends; most of all have fun! 

     This tradition started when i was living in Fayetteville Arkansas. The Conception of the idea took place after many viewings of The Best of Will Ferral Saturday night live. We had watched it so many times and there is a Jeopardy parody, with Jimmy Falon as French Steward and Will As Trebek. Falon, a.k.a French Stewart, answers double jeopardy question,j”ust write a number that is it”  Trebek says.French writes threeive. This with a decent amount of alcohol is where the holiday was born. So that December twenty third me , my girlfriend Candace and a good friend Kyle got a gallon of sweet tea vodka and Mcdonalds and watched it again. we had a blast and will remeber it forever. It happened a few more years in a row. I hope to continue the tradition.


     This tradition continued for a few years. We moved this year and even though there will be no Christmas Threeive celebration by all of us, I will hold the holiday to its highest and drink some glazed doughnut vodka just for this occasion. This year it is just me and Captain(my jack russel terrier) since i am alone this twenty third. My girlfriend is back in fayetteville, I will be joining her on Christmas eve. we will have fun and watch a few movies maybe. Enjoy the times with others this year and take a little time for yourself to relax before all the stress of family and travel.                                                                                                                                                     Image 

p.s this is for a daily challange, try it yourself.


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