ImageZombie Spaceship Wasteland is Patton Oswalt’s, a stand up comedian and geek enthusiast, latest endeavor into the comedy world. I read it in two sittings. I would have read it in one sitting had it not been for finals and work. It is the type of book someone can read in a day if they want to, or even a great pick-up book whenever you have a few minutes.His memoir attempt is the first book that I know of and a huge freshman success. From stories of childhood snow forts and the song of Ulvaak, an orc warrior, Oswald’s tells of how Dungeons and Dragons was his life until he discovered girls, and well, sex, to be blunt.

I personally relate to this story  since I played the game from childhood until the later years of highschool when I also found girls more interesting than goblins and dwarves.

     The title story was my personal favorite in the book. The three archetypes of teens which he, and all of us, go through at some point. Patton describes these in great detail explaining the traits and prerequisites of each one. He talks about how burnouts get that way from years of DnD and heavy metal. Hardcore readers of comics often become film snobs and critics later in life.

   On a more serious note, we see a different side of Oswald that is a nice change of pace when he relives memories of his uncle Pete. Uncle Pete just so happens to have a few quirks. Patton calls him insane. He talks about his time visiting his house when he was younger and witnessing Pete’s shell of a reality and existence of living on a porch with a heating pad and his lawn chair. This personal memoir really ties the whole experience of the book together. In between stories we get these little tidbits like movie reviews from his alter ego Neill, or his grandmothers unique descriptions of gifts over the years. My personal favorite involves a cassette tape found in a bag of marbles. The cassette displayed a wolf and cannon. Then Oswald’s grandma said  “what is more rock and roll than a wolf and a cannon about to shoot?” I literally had to put the book down from laughing out loud.There is even a comic strip about two vampires fighting over turf and has a gay werewolf!

        Oswald’s life reminds me of my friends’ and my life growing up. That is why this book meant more to me to see a fellow geek rise above his Dungeons and Dragons past and dead end jobs to achieve success in life. He makes geeks and nerds cool again !

I give it a 5 out of 5 for the hilarity factor and personal touch. I recommend it to any fan of comedy or geek out there.




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  1. Parker Dolson says:

    Great review. Can’t wait to read the book. Just downloaded it last week. This just enticed me to start reading it.

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