Corominas - A Dance with Dragons With the release earlier this year of the paperback, I want to review the book as my first review for this site. I just finished up yesterday and i have to say it is my favorite of the series.

  George rr Martin strikes again, should be the title to the latest installment of his epic The Song Of Fire and Ice. Martin finally follows up his previous work A Feast For Crows with A Dance With Dragons. Dance has it all,  as the title of this bloggers post states, daggers dwarves and of course everyone’s favorite monster, dragons!Dance with dragons parallels crows for more than half of the book until the end when the two novels merge and form one collective nerd fantasy and bring all our favorite characters back together again. Dance includes the point of view characters we missed out in on the last book like Daenerys, Jon snow, and Tryion including many more as well. You will learn the fate of mereen , the slaver city our queen across the sea takes as her own. We see Jon Snow the new lord commander of the knights watch and the conflict at the wall with the wildlings and mance rider. Tryion catches up with old foes, old rivals and spends some quality time with his father.We see the Lannisters at each others throats yet again. Bran the oldest living true heir  to the stark throne has been in the north searching for the three eyed crow , searching for answers to his dreams of flight and other strange visions. Everything we love and hate about GRRM is in this installment, his description is one of the reasons i love the series so much also the detail of the p.o.v characters in the story.

somes pros and cons

pros- New book !,better than A feast of crows, dragons,, the wall,lannisters getting theirs.

cons-classic g.r.r.m trademarks”i wont spoil anything”,length its around 1200 pages, big gap in time between next book.

So another great book in the song we have been listening to for some time now continues we will patiently await the next book the highly anticipated winds of winter.


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  1. Really appreciated the positive review. People have complained in general about books 4 and 5, since they came out so late schedule-wise, and were broken up in parallel, but I also really enjoyed A Dance With Dragons.

    Super-excited for Book Six. It’s coming out soon, right? (Lie to me. I’m fragile.)

    • prontron says:

      Thanks man. Yeah the 4th was my least favorite but, I still enjoined it. Dance was awesome from the battles, dragons and classic Martin trademarks. I am hoping winds of winter comes out soon as well I hear it’s around 1500 pages, also I hear that around half may be done maybe more ! Thanks again. Check in again if you will I’m hoping to do a lot more with this site!

      • I’ll do that, I’m now following your blog, so the pressure is on!

        If I can shamelessly self-promote, I have a bunch of Game of Thrones (TV-centric, really) blog posts.

        Most are defenses of characters (defending Ned Stark’s decision making process, defending Jon Snow from all kinds of crazy allegations) etc.

        Anyway, you post A Song of Ice and Fire stuff, and I’ll read it.

      • prontron says:

        Thanks man! I will check your blog out. I love the show as well as the book I plan a review of the season three DVD when I get it in jan or February when it is released.

  2. […] Dance with Dragons.” It was awesome, and I reviewed it as my first post on this blog.…  It has everything someone could want from the series and from a fantasy series in […]

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