Day one

Where to start off, well I am  just a nerd who got bored one day and thought, well might as well start a blog. Well here it is Books, Dragons, and Diet coke. I hope this can be A place where other geeks and nerds sees the posts I write and they think it  looks interesting to them and they pick it up or at least look further into it. I plan to accomplish a few things here , mostly reviews and some nerdy news. This blog will not only be about books and diet coke as the name says but, will have other mediums as well.

A little about me ? Well being the 23-year-old nerd I travel and do mma in my spare time  , only joking I go to school full-time and work full-time as well. My main hobbies include reading, watching movies and playing video games.  I am big into sports as well I am A die-hard NFL fan as well as NBA, my teams are the Houston Texans and the Oklahoma City  Thunder. My favorite books are do androids dream of electric sheep by Phillip k. Dick, as well as many in the fantasy genre like The Lord Of The Rings, Song Of Fire And Ice, and many others. I also read other genres, sci- fi, memoirs, and even some non fiction, comic books also frequent my backlog. Movies i enjoy, which i really do i own around 400 DVDs and Blu rays, include Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, and any Kevin smith movies. When it comes to games I have most of the systems that are still up to date. I have yet to purchase a next-gen console but, I am leaning towards the PlayStation 4.

Cheers to a new day and new venture. I hope someone else has as much fun reading these small posts as I will have writing them.

Justin Woods


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