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Neew books this week from Amazon ! Image comics for the win.        

East of West- A Review


There’s a thing father where men who thought they were giants their entire lives actually see one for the first time. It shows them their true worth. It shows them their faith.

This quote from Hickman’s East of West sums up the books nicely. The world and its leaders have no idea who they are going up against. 

East of West is wrote by superstar writer and marvel mega star Johnathon Hickaman and drawn by Nick Dragotta. 

The story is simple. The apocalypse is near and we are in trouble. The setting seems to be a futuristic world set in a western science fiction hybrid. The horsemen are looking for their fourth who is death. Death is a badass who is breaking all the rules to find the woman who conqured death itself and stole his heart.  She is the dughter of Mao the Iv a desendant of the great dictator Mao. 

Hickman scores again with a brutal deptiotion of the apocalypse. Dragotta’s art is beautiful and disturbing at the same time. 

East of West is one of the best new series I have read lately. Hickman is a fantaistic writer and you should check out anything he writes. 

Volume two of East ofWest is out check it out !


Outcast T.V show Trailer 

Robert Kirkman’s new and massivly populat horror hit, Outcast, is finnaly cvoming out next year in 2016 on cinemax. The first jaw dropping trailer has hit the interwebs and seems to have the scares to back up it’s massive hype.

You can pick up the collected trade paperback collecting the first six issues and read before the show come sout next year !

Rat Queens

Rat Queens is a more recent title from an ever dominating Image comic group that for me is taking over the comic world. 

Kurtis J. Wiebe and roc Upchurche’s Dnd inspired gang of bad ass chicks was a great read. Full of in your face action and laughs that had me in stiches. The humor is a bit crass but is so fun that anyone who is a fan of crude humor or a good fanatsy laugh will digg this book. 

The characters were the best part of the series so far. They are unique and bring some fun to comics. Image is doing their best and killing everyone else at the moment. 

Check out this first volume for the first 5 issues in the ongoing series. You can finds it pretty cheap on amazon at the moment ! 

Dollar Bin Finds

Everyone loves a good dollar bin find when it comes to theiur comic books. Here are a few of my better finds this month… so far. 


New comics 7-15-15

New comic day. Some really cool comics came out today. What di everyone pick up ?


The Walking Dead- Redux


Starting to read comics again has been great. Collecting and reading comics makes me happy. Reading good comics makes me very happy. A great series that I had been reading before I had quit collecting a few years back was The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman. I read until around Issue 100. Needless to say I have been pulled back into the horde of zombies with Rick and the gang. I have purchased the first two compendiums and will start regular issues with this last week’s issue 144.

the walkign dead compendium

I am truly excited to see where the books have gone since I quit reading and where they will end up going in the future.

the-walking-dead pic 1

Archie rebooted 

There is a new sheriff  in Riverdale and his deputy is phenomenal artist Fiona Staples fresh off her Saga art. 

They take on the unbelievable task of rebooting one of America’s greatest and most icocnic titles in all of comicbooks. Archie is the king of Riverdale, that is until now. He is going through a breakup with the love of his life, Betty. How will he deal with this new chapter in his life? 

The writing by MArk Waid is just great. The humor reminds me of a John Hughes flick from the late eighties. The art by superstar Fiona Staples is also out of this world as you would expect fi you had checked out her workj on BRian K. Vaughn’s hit book Saga. 

Also included is a reprint of the first ever Archie comic from 1941 as a bonus. 


Comic Con Trailers !

Yesterday was truley a great day fir us self proclain=med nerds. We had the reveal of many comic book movie trailers at what can only be called Mecca for nerds, San Diago Comin Con.

Batman V. Superman Dawn of  Justice-

SDCC Exclusive Batman teams uo with the T.M.N.T

 Just announced at SDCC.Finally The Caped Crusader and your favorite heroes in a half shell meet up for the first time this November. Idw and D.C will team up to bring us a mini series that I am excited to read.